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A British songwriter and Canadian singer combine to produce the up-and-coming indie-pop duo Cider Sky.

Cider SkyFrom their serendipitous first meeting in London, Ontario born singer Simon Wilcox and London songwriter Shridhar Solanki have hit upon a musical formula that has got people talking, right from their very first song.

Wilcox is no stranger to the limelight, she’s already a multi-platinum selling artist, but now the time has come for her first collaboration with Solanki, and what a great collaboration it has turned out to be, with their beautiful debut track Northern Lights being included on the soundtrack of Twilight: Breaking Dawn, creating the kind of buzz that can only come from being included on one of the biggest films of the year.


This duo’s particular brand of indie-electro is an interesting trip into a dream-like world, filled with whimsical yet poetic lyrics, overlapping with the melodic electro/synth beats, which makes it difficult not to enjoy, especially their 2012 release We Are In Love and their latest single Flames, both of which take the best parts of their early songs, but adding new elements that show how they’ve grown closer as musicians over the last few years.

It’s difficult not to fall in-love with the duo’s collection of delicate indie-electro melodies, all of which are available to download now via iTunes, I for one am looking forwards to the prospect of a full album sometime in the near future, along with more tour dates here in the UK, so keep checking back here for more Cider Sky news.

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