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A few years back, Claire Boucher, aka Grimes was one of the most initiative and exciting young musicians to come out of North America, receiving a lot of hype for her unique take on electropop, using a distorted melody’s, looping beats and gloomy tones to create a unique sound, but since the release of Visions back in 2012, Boucher had, for the most part, dropped off the radar, until now that is.

Earlier this month, the Governors Ball marked her return with her latest single ‘Go’, a song that she originally wrote for Rhianna, but that fell through so instead she decided to take it from an R&B/Pop hybrid and make it her own, needing only one vocal take and adding some synths and EDM elements with the help of produce and long-time collaborator Blood Diamonds, ‘Go’ looks set to be the song that gives Grimes the crossover hit that she deserves.

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