Secret Garden Party 2014

So good I have already bought next years tickets

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The Secret Garden Party is like spending four days in a hedonistic daze, where music isn’t the main attraction and drawing over 30,000 revelers to the Cambridgeshire countryside for the most bohemian festival of the summer, somewhere where the party and the atmosphere are just as important as watching bands and somewhere amongst sunflower fields and the fairground rides, I fall in-love with the festival and realized that you could go all day without actually seeing any bands and not feel like you missed out.

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Hosting a line-up of lesser known acts that are as varied as the people who you encounter here, ranging from the Rock and Roll hall of fame inductees Public Enemy to 60’s Motown vocal group Martha Reeve and the Vandellas and everything else in between, each bringing something unique to the SGP, which promotes itself as a ‘serious party’ rather than a festival, where you are part of the attraction and practically everything goes, be it the dancing, the activities or the outfits, where you will see just as many people in bikinis & war paint, raving pandas and cross dressing Dorothy’s as more conventional festival types.

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The Secret Garden Party is a unique and wonderful experience that lets you cut loose in a way that other festivals just don’t allow, with bands and DJ’s spread over a range of unique venues parting from midday till 6 in the morning, talks and science shows to check out and art exhibits to help feed your creative nature, the four days will fly by and that is why I have already bought my ticket for next years event.

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10 Things I learned at this years party

  1. You can quite easily spend your days in one venue, be it the Forum learning about LSD to how to form a cult, or in the Living Room enjoying singer songwriters and acoustic bands late into the night, including the immensely talented Lily & Meg, Dave Gerard and The Watchmen and Emily and The Woods

  2. The Fat White Family are awful.

  3. Spitfires with fireworks on the wings are pretty epic.

  4. Sleeping in the middle of the festival is completely acceptable

  5. So is nudity

  6. Pacing yourself through out the day is necessary if you hope to party till 6am

  7. Watching Greece at 3am dressed like a panda is a memory that will live with me forever

  8. The secret venues add something fun about exploring the entire site

  9. The paint party is amazing

  10. Catching a boat out to the island stage is a must do for 2015.

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Look out for the comprehensive soundtrack for the weekend coming next week, with my top 5 acts of the Secret Garden Party.

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