Not Completely Blonde – Anywhere But Home

Halfway between Birmingham and Wales, Shropshire is a large yet mostly rural county that’s famous for many things, (honestly many many things), sadly however music isn’t one of them, but Salopian band Not Completely Blonde may just change all of this with the release their latest video Anywhere But Home.

970665_609662199054141_836021382_nMade up of Aliana, Beth and Fiona, Not Completely Blonde have been singing together all over the UK since 2011, starting off covering other artists songs, the trio quickly moved onto producing their own material, with each track a beautifully written and performed acoustic folk anthem, ranging from ‘The Coffee Song’, a happy-go-lucky ode to a barista, to ‘Give and Take’ a melodic yarn charting the end of a relationship, each of their songs is a joy to listen to, as their perfectly matched vocals create some pretty sublime harmonies and some of the most pleasing melodies I have heard this year.

Coming from their latest EP Not Completely An Album, Anywhere But Home‘, is another dainty yet elegant acoustic folk ballad, which straddles the line between lullaby and poem, accompanied with an equally charming video, helping to chart the three girls boredom of living at home, experiencing the same things on a daily basis and wanting to go literally anywhere else to experience what the world has to offer, though I would advise you don’t follow in the girls example and start pushing old men into lakes, they seem to dislike it……. who knew?

Not Completely An Album is now available via iTunes

With the band’s members venturing off to University, don’t expect to see the gals possibly until next summer, though with two EP’s to listen to and a collection of songs on their Soundcloud and Youtube accounts, there’s plenty to keep you entertained until there are some live dates to look forward too.

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