Music | Meredith Graves: Changing Perceptions

In a year where once again the biggest selling artists also happened to be some of the most boring, I set out looking for musicians that aren’t afraid to rattle a few cages on the way to the top.


It’s not often that I come across a musician that isn’t easy to pigeon-hole, most fall into one of two categories, either they stay neutral to avoid offending anyone, or they support the latest fad so to get their name in the papers for an extra 15 minutes of fame, either way, they don’t really stand for anything apart from making more money, this, however, is most defiantly not the case when it comes to Meredith Graves, front-person of Syracuse noise-punk band Perfect Pussy.

Frankly it is a breath of fresh air that someone isn’t afraid to make a stand, stopping shows to bring up issues that are particularly worrying her and using her fame as a force for good, not moving on when the majority of other celebrities have moved on to something else, using her charismatic nature to give her well thought out opinions on a whole range of issues, notably women’s role in the music industry and feminism in general, all whilst playing to crowds all over the world and finding time to release the bands first studio album Say Yes To Love.


Something that is plain to see, is that Graves cares deeply about the issues she has chosen to talk about, doing it in an intellectual and comprehensive manner, not something people generally expect from a punk band, well not since the early 90’s anyway, but that is Perfect Pussy’s way.

So when I say that Meredith Graves is changing perceptions, I don’t mean as a woman in a male-dominated music industry, no, I mean as a punk rock front person with something worthwhile to listen to, executed in a smart and thought-provoking way, so be you male, female, transgender or something else, Graves is the kind of artist that even if you aren’t a fan of her chosen genre, you should most defiantly be championing, along with all the other member of the Perfect Pussy ensemble.


One final thing you may ask me is, why have I chosen to use a picture of Graves in her underwear, well it’s really for two reasons, one I surprisingly found very few images of the right size to use and secondly if it was a man in his pants, I doubt anyone would really care.



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