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Easily the most unusual and quirky museum in Shropshire


The small south Shropshire town of Craven Arms is possibly the last place you could think of when you hear British Popular Culture through time, but that is exactly where you should be heading to explore one of the most beautifully chaotic collections of memorabilia around, with collections ranging from Victorian board games right up to latest pieces of modern-day technology, the Land of Lost Content has it all.

6186788Named after a line from an A E Housman poem, the Land of Lost Content spans over three floors, separated into themes such as music, toys and clothing, the museum is an Aladdin’s cave of nostalgia, keeping you browsing for hours, finding stuff that brings back memories of things you used to own or wish you did anyway.

6186800-1The museum is open 11am till 5pm every day except Wednesdays

Admission Charges
Adults/Seniors     £5.00
Students             £4.00
Children              £2.50
Family tickets Available

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