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When you think of surf pop, California springs to mind, when you think of Garage, it’s Seattle that holds that crown and slow jams have their history set firmly in the old school rhythm & blues of the deep south, but Daddy Issues are a band that has set out to make you re-evaluate where you place each genre.


Hailing from the city of Greensboro, North Carolina, Daddy Issues burst onto the scene back in 2014, releasing a series risqué indie pop slow jams and surf/garage power pop ballads, that mix 60’s and 70’s rock with more contemporary subject matter, such as female empowerment and sexual confidence, all of which combines to produce some pretty epic music.

Daddy Issues are the kind of band that you randomly come across and you hope will make it big, to some extent because I want to hear more of their music, but mostly because I want them to come to tour the UK, whereas at this point in time their closest gig would be at La Luz, Raleigh, (that’s right I checked), so until then I will have to make do with their YouTube and Bandcamp.


Their first cassette EP ‘Double Loser’ will be out on February 14th (Valentine’s day), with digital copies also available via EggHunt Records & Negative Fun Records.

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