Photography | Ella Ruth – The Garden

What do you get when you combine an entirely fake 3D garden, twelve beautiful women and an extremely talented photographer?

May © Ella Ruth Photography

You get The Garden, a beautiful collection of images that forms the latest series from one of my favorite photographers Ella Ruth.

The idea behind the series is that rather than traveling beautiful locations and making up models to match their surroundings, you do the opposite and make up the surroundings to match the natural beauty of the women, resulting in a collection of stunning photographs that not only makes you showcases just how beautiful these women are without makeup, but also shows off just how good of an artist Ella is.

Jess © Ella Ruth Photography
Danielle © Ella Ruth Photography
Charmaine © Ella Ruth Photography
Emma © Ella Ruth Photography
Lara © Ella Ruth Photography
Bexie © Ella Ruth Photography
Louise © Ella Ruth Photography
Alice © Ella Ruth Photography

For the complete collection and more of Ella’s work, visit or follow her via Facebook and Twitter

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