Review | Summer Solstice 2015

Watching the sunrise above one of the UK’s oldest landmarks, I can think of worse ways to celebrate the start of summer than the Stone Henge Summer Solstice.

Summer Solstice
Summer Solstice

On June 20th, over 20,000 people will be making the journey to the ancient prehistoric site of Stonehenge, spending the night gathered in celebration of the bringing of summer, surrounded by the beautiful Wiltshire countryside and the 5000-year-old monument.

Summer Solstice

Arriving at 7 pm, myself along with somewhere between 20,000 and 40,000 will spend all night surrounded by the druid/New-age celebration of the sun reaching its highest point above the northern hemisphere, watching the sunset and rise again along with some open-minded and hardy souls, including fellow bloggers and good friends Kaori & Ella.

Summer Solstice


Entry to this festival is free, along with parking at the festival car-park, while food and hot beverages are available throughout the night.

Car Park Opens: 19.00 hours (7pm) Saturday 20 June

Access to Field:19.00 hours (7pm) Saturday 20 June

Field Closes: 08.00 hours (8am) Sunday 21 June

Sunset: Saturday 20 June 2015 is at 21.26 hrs (9.26pm)

Sunrise: Sunday 21 June 2015 is at 04.52 hrs (4.52am)

Please follow @eh_stonehenge on Twitter for travel updates on the night.


  1. Superb photos – I am very much into Neolithic circles but personally wouldn’t fancy going to Stonehenge on Midsummer – it looks just too crowded. We are so lucky that there are over 1000 stone circles in Britain and on midsummer I often go and find a small one somewhere and watch the Dawn rise from there. Although they are not all ‘clocks’ it is still am amazing experience being alone at a 5000 year old circle at daybreak. I often do the same at Beltane too 🙂

    1. I know a few people tend to go to woodhenge instead for just that reason, I’d personally like to visit the Shetland Islands to visit some up there

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