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North Shropshire isn’t the first place you would think of when talking about the Holy Grail.

Courtesy of Richard Lewis

Hidden away in the Shropshire countryside, half way between the towns of Wem and Hodnet, lies Hawkstone Park, a collection ancient of follies, caves and and Norman castle, that make one of the most beautiful country parks in the region and the perfect destination for anyone that loves walking amongst the great outdoors.


It’s not just the landscape that has been bringing drawing in tourists for over 200 years, the park has many jewels in its crown, including an extensive collection are the 18th century follies that cover the park in unique locals to explore, be it the wooden grotto’s, the stone towers, the iron age mines or even deep ravines, wandering around the park is an adventure  to stroll around, almost as if you have fell back in time, transported back in time to when Hawkstone was the cutting edge in holidays for the British establishment.

Courtesy of Matt Osborne

Luckily for me, the park is a great day out all year round, rain or shine, with cafes dotted around and picnic areas situated in some of the more picturesque areas of the park, it is somewhere that you can spend the entire day, or evening for one of the parks various events that occur throughout the year, perfect for families looking for an exciting time out and anyone that loves landscape photography.

Courtesy of The Taker

Leaving the best till last, Hawkstone is one of places that supposedly is the location for the Holy Grail, which all started when in the 1920’s, when workmen accidentally broke a statue of St. John and discovered a small stone cup that dates from the 1st Century and has been put forwards as a possible contender to be the famous cup that was used at the Last Supper.

Swiss Bridge
Courtesy of Brian Levy


Adult £7.95
Child £5.50
Concessions (Students or over 60′s) £7.25
Family (2 adults + 2 children) £25.00
Family (2 adults + 3 children) £28.50
Prices apply to park entry with some of the special events at an additional cost for participation.

Courtesy of Martin O’Connell

–Opening Hours–

March – Open Weekends plus the 30th and 31st
April – Open 1st to 13th, 17th to 20th, 24th to 27th
May – Open 1st to 4th, 7th to 11th, 14th to 18th, 21st to 31st
June – Open Thursday through to Monday
July – From the 3rd open every day
August – Open every day
September – Open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays only
October – Open Saturdays and Sundays and half term week 24th to 31st
November – Closed
December – Closed (except for pre booked Santa Safaris)

For more information and a full list of events, visit:




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