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Despite being the cultural heart of the West Midlands and the second largest city in the UK, Birmingham always gets a bad rap when it comes to people’s impressions of the city, with the general public still believing that the second city is still the concrete jungle it was in the ’80s, devoid of heart and beauty, but that simply isn’t true and there are 5 photographers who are showing off the beautiful urban landscape which Brum has developed, changing a few common misconceptions at the same time.

Verity E. Milligan

11070999_962801303760298_6397604748531654464_nVerity E. Milligan has fast become one of my favorite photographers around, with her talented work showcasing the city of Birmingham and multiple locations around the UK in a beautiful yet understated manner, something which has led to her being commissioned to shoot for brands such as Yorkshire Tea, Birmingham Hippodrome and Grand Central, Birmingham, along with many others.


Ross Jukes


Ross Jukes spends hours walking around Birmingham, experiencing everything in which the city has to offer, shooting whatever piques his interest and using his eye for detail to showcase the cities urban landscape to be the vibrant and exciting local, which I know it to be.


Kate Hook


Since the tender age of 14, Kate Hook has been using her camera to document her life growing up in and around the city, experimenting with different techniques, she uses multiple layers and colour to develop some of the most visually stimulating and complex street photography imaginable.


Marco Damian

marco damian

Marco Damian D’Andrea uses dramatic flair and background in graphic design to achieve some truly stunning photography, showcasing the cities in which he lives and travels in an interesting yet elegant manner, switching from bustling landscapes to engaging candid shots, stimulating abstract scenes to powerful aerial imagery and everything in between, Marco truly is a jack of all trades, mastering all of them.


Tom Bird


Freelance photographer Tom Bird combines his personal and client-based work to create work that celebrates the urban environment of Birmingham, be it the brutalist buildings of the 60’s and 70’s or the modern architecture that has been springing up ever since, Tom has developed a highly stylized motif, emphasizing the allure of every building he shoots.


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