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During one of my random binges of looking for cool new photographers to follow on Facebook, I came across the wonderful work of freelance photographer Oscar May.

Oscar © Oscar May Photography
Oscar © Oscar May Photography

After graduating university back in 2009, Oscar has gone on to become one of the most exiting portraitures and fashion photographers working in the UK today, mixing his two chosen genres together to produce a wonderfully eclectic mixture of imagery, bringing out the beauty in both the models and their surroundings.

Taiba © Oscar May Photography
Taiba © Oscar May Photography

It’s not just me that has fast become a fan of Oscar’s work, over the last couple of years, he has been lucky enough to work with brands such as NME, Mojo, British Vogue, Elle, the BBC and even some of my favorite bloggers, though maybe I should say that it is the brands that are lucky to work with such a talented photographic artist.

Leanne Lim-Walker © Oscar May Photography
Leanne Lim-Walker © Oscar May Photography
Hannah Rose © Oscar May Photography
Fifi’s Looking Glass © Oscar May Photography
Taylor LaShae © Oscar May Photography
Untitled © Oscar May Photography
Emily Bronner © Oscar May Photography
Leanne Lim-Walker © Oscar May Photography
Fifi Newbery © Oscar May Photography
Untitled © Oscar May Photography



  1. great shots! I particularly like the one of the woman looking out the window

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