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So 2015 has come and gone, which means only one thing, it’s time for the customary review post, showcasing some of the more exciting things that I have seen, done and experienced last year.


Most of these things have popped up already on my blog and I shall be including links back to the original more detailed posts, some of the things however will be appearing for the first time, mainly down to how busy I have been at work over the last couple of months and also general laziness.


Way back in May, my good friend Kaori managed to convince me that climbing Mt. Snowdon would be a fun thing to do the day before staying up all night at Stonehenge, she wasn’t wrong, with the views on the way up and vistas from the summit, enough to make the climb worth while. (Full Article)



As I just mentioned above, the second part of the weekend involved traveling down to Stonehenge for the Summer Solstice gathering, celebrating the sun rising on the first day of British Summer time, spending the night singing, dancing and making new friends, all of which while experiencing the unique atmosphere that surrounds this awesome unique event. (Full Article)


Llandudno & Conwy

Sadly where I live, there is no coastline, but for as long as I can remember my family and I have been traveling up to the beautiful North Welsh coastline for everything from day trips to holidays, near the lovely sea-side resort of Llandudno, with its Victorian attractions, Iron-age mines and picturesque views, this year when I went, I decided to give you a run down of the 5 best things to experience in Llandudno and the added attraction of crossing the river to the equally beautiful town of Conwy. (Full Article)



Not once but three times did I travel up to the land of The Beatles and the Mersey, once as day trip with my friend Kerri, once for a family wedding  and once to see the Three Queens visiting the city, with all three times giving me the perfect opportunity to explore a city that has had its ups and downs, but is definitely heading in the right direction, giving me another chance to revisit the locations that I wrote about way back in 2012, as well as finding more locations to talk about in the future. (Full Article)


Latitude Festival

Every year I try to visit at least one festival, this time it was the turn of Latitude Fest, a three-day explosion of music, arts and literature on the Suffolk countryside, where you can watch a band one minute and go on a gondola ride around a lake the next, where dressing in just a panda onesie and sunglasses is not frowned upon and it is practically impossible to find something exciting to spend your time doing. well unless you are Badly Drawn Boy, whose on stage tantrum was laughable until the c-bomb was dropped, mid-afternoon in front of an amphitheater full of families.

Either way the festival was amazing, the company was amazing and if it wasn’t for the fact that I am going to the Secret Garden Party this year, I would or might still be going to this years event.



Before 2015 I had never been to the capital of the West country, but this year I ended up going twice in the space of a month, firstly with my amazing fellow bloggers Chloee & Britanie and secondly with the wonderful photographic talent of Ella-Ruth, both times I had the chance to wander the street and alleyways of the city, loosing myself within the artist paradise upon the coast. (Article 1) (Article 2)



Not far from me is the Roman new town of Chester, famous for the zoo, the outlet mall and Hollyoaks, two of which are good reasons to visit the city, I’ll let you guess which two, in fact both of the I visited this year, along with going into the center of the city as well, drinking a coffee in Central Perk, journeying back in time at the cathedral and feeding my postcard habit in Paperchase. (Full Article)



When Americans think of England, Oxford is what they picture, beautiful buildings, quaint little shops and academia on every corner, that is exactly why I love the place so much and why I chose to make two trips down south to this enchanting city, photographing some of the more majestic sights and imagining what life would have been like to have been one of those lucky souls that calls the place home. (Full Article)


Birmingham German Market

Sadly work commitments for the last few months of the year meant that I wasn’t able to go on many adventures, but luckily for myself, there was just enough time to go the Birmingham Frankfurt Market, providing the perfect opportunity to finish off my Christmas shopping and stuff myself with pretzels, stollen and beer at the largest German market in the UK. (Full Article)


So there you have it, the most exciting trips that I went on in 2015, but with bigger and better things planned for 2016, stay tuned for some exciting articles coming soon to a screen near you.

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