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Making Birmingham look beautiful is no mean feat.

Cherry Blossom outside the Ikon Gallery, Birmingham
Cherry Blossom outside the Ikon Gallery Courtesy of Verity E. Milligan

Based out of the former industrial heartland of Birmingham, UK, Verity E. Milligan is first and foremost a landscape photographer, though she isn’t constrained by this, be it cityscapes, rural landscapes or in between, she has a wonderful talent for capturing beautiful moments in times.

Sunset over Grand Central, Courtesy of Verity E. Milligan

Travelling the world taking beautiful photographs, Verity seems to be able to take even the most mundane of landscape and create a stunning urban vistas or a thought-provoking street scenes, nothing seems beyond Verity’s talents.

Relentless Optimsm
Relentless Optimism Courtesy of Verity E. Milligan

A keen fan of natural lighting, with sunrises and sunsets coming up a lot in her work, she stays away from heavy uses of photoshop, preferring to let the city highlight its own beauty, be it obviously beautiful subjects, but also hidden spaces.

Crow Point
Crow Point Courtesy of Verity E Milligan

It’s not just the urban that Verity enjoys taking pictures of, she also revels in photographing the path less travelled, capturing elegant snapshots from the south-east of England to the Isle of Skye, her work showcases just how stunning the British countryside is.

the quiraning.jpg
The Quiraning Courtesy of Verity E. Milligan

 Courtesy of Verity E. Milligan

You can follow Verity’s work via her blog as well as through her Twitter and Facebook accounts, where you will be treated to a long list beautiful shots.



  1. I think there are parts of Birmingham that is beautiful. New Street station, Selfridges and Gas Street Basin to name but a few! Some of these images are spectacular, my favourite is Crow Point.

  2. I will definitely be following her Twitter account. I love photography. These photos are simply beautiful, it’s amazing how stunning England is yet not many realise that x

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