Retro Review | Buried

After recently finding its way onto Netflix, I figured it was about time to review the film that took Ryan Reynolds out of his comfort zone.


95 minutes of one man in a box with nothing for comfort apart from a phone and a lighter, sounds rather dull, but when you combine director Rodrigo Cortés and Ryan Reynolds you end up with harrowing thriller that keeps you hooked from start to finish.

Set way back in 2006 civilian truck driver Paul Conroy (Reynolds) wakes up bound and gagged in a coffin somewhere in occupied Iraq, with only a lighter and a mobile phone for company, he tried frantically to figure out what happened to him and how to escape his new-found surroundings.

Back in 2010 when this film came out, Reynolds for the most part was a mostly comedic actor, staring in film such as Just Friends, Definitely Maybe and Van Wilder, it was a leap of faith to believe that he would be able to  carry a much more serious role on his own, but any doubters were clearly proved wrong, proving to be just the springboard that Reynolds needed to jump into more meaty roles.


The film itself is an interesting, frustrating and claustrophobic roller-coaster ride, building up both Conroy’s and the audiences hopes, then dashing them over and over again, Cortés manages to create the kind of emotional ark that you would expect to see from a man gradually becoming more and more frantic to escape his underground prison.

Political elements seep into the plot as it makes its way along, introducing us to both the infuriating bureaucracy of the allied forces and also the menacing yet somewhat one-dimensional abductors playing their part, regularly contacting Paul via the dying mobile phone, padding out the plot and feeding snippets of information that may well lead to rescuing the helpless captive escape.

Buried is an intense worst nightmare for anyone that hates confined spaces, filled with heavy breathing, low lights, snakes and staring a phone screen hoping it will keep going, its hard not to be gripped by the film and for a film entirely set in a coffin, definitely not boring.

4 Panda

3 thoughts on “Retro Review | Buried

  1. Thank you for saying this! I loved Buried, my husband Mike did not. He didn’t like that it didn’t end the way he wanted it to but I thought it was brilliant! Definitely kept even him gripped until the end (probably why he was frustrated with the outcome).

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