5 New Festival Essentials for 2016

We all know the basics of what you need to take to a music festival, a tent, a waterproof, some wellies and so on, but there are other things that in my time of hitting up the festival scene have become something that I now can’t do without.

A Wagon


The one thing no one tells you about festivals is the queues, you sadly can’t just turn up, set up your tent and start to party, instead there’s the post travel faff around with getting the stuff out of the car, wandering in the general direction of the entrance and then discovering an impossibly long line of people of with camping bags, this is where a wagon comes in handy, not only do you not have to stand for two hours with everything you brought on your back, but also means you are constantly picking up and putting down everything every two minutes.

Starting at about £40 to buy, you can also rent them at most festivals these days, so even if you don’t want take one with you, you can still save your energy and pick one up on the day for a few quid between the group of you.

Solar Phone Charger


Even though in a perfect world you would spend your time partying and chatting with your friends, but we all know that phones are so much more than just a device for calling people, these days they are used for everything and that requires power, something that phones just aren’t able to do for more than a day,. so recharging them becomes an important part of your day.

Every festival has recharge points that you pay up to £10 a time to power up your device, maybe more if they provide you with a power pack that you can take away with you, not the worst thing to do in a pinch, though if you are smart like me you plan ahead, taking power packs with you as well as a means to charge them up using nothing more than the power of the sun.


You can pick up a decent enough device for roughly £20, you can leave this charging up your batteries during the day, meaning you can power up your phone over night for free, saving you time and money for better things.

Air Bed


A comfortable nights sleep is ones thing you won’t get if you just put down a sleeping bag on the tent floor and hope for the best, now a roll mat might do the job, they are pretty easy to roll off and don’t do much for uneven surfaces, this is where an air bed comes into its own, now I know they take up valuable room in your bag and aren’t the lightest things in the world, but trust me you will have a much better time if the few hours sleep you get are on a nice surface.

With either single or double beds available for as little as £10, it might be worth paying a little extra for one with a built-in pump, saving you space and effort in the long run, with these available online for around £20, you’ll thank me later.

A flag & pole


You might have found the best spot in the site to put up your tent, somewhere near the entrance and toilets, easy to get to and easy to find, but at 3am in the dark with a head full of alcohol everything changes, this is where a distinctive flagpole comes in handy, helping you to navigate your way home and helping your friends find you in a sea of tents.

Every year I take my trusty Shropshire flag and a few blank flags to customise at on the day and usually some form of panda, though you can also take these with you into the site for that standard flag waving in the crowd exercise

Two sets of Sunglasses


You would think that one set of sunglasses will suffice for the weekend, but speaking from experience, it’s always good to take a back up pair, as all it takes is one bump from a stranger in the crowd and you end up with a broken set or missing them all together, not the best when nearly every festival I’ve been to is devoid of stylish eye ware, leaving you to sport some 90’s meets Kanye knockoff’s.

So instead rather than ruining your look for the weekend, come prepared and take a second pair, they don’t have to be expensive but even chap high street glasses will look better than what are on offer on site.



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