Film | Top 5 Horror Sci-fi Movies


1. Event Horizon

A team of rescuers sets off to the far side of the solar system to find out what happened to the long lost Event Horizon, an exciting new ship that disappeared seven years prior while testing a new engine. Once there however not all is as it seems and the ship isn’t floating as dead as it first seemed.


Psychological horror or supernatural one, you never really decide which this film is, but that just adds to the charm of this futuristic gothic space flick.

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2. The Thing

Isolated in Antarctic tundra, a small group of American scientists are forced to battle it out with a body-swapping alien lifeform while attempting to figure out who is still human and who has now been infiltrated.


With its awesome practical effects, growing suspense and beautiful editing, this John Carpenter classic was the first 18 rated film I was ever bough, as so it will always have a special place in my heart.

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3. Alien

When cargo spaceship becomes infested with parasitic aliens, taking out the crew one by one, it comes down to the last few survivors to try and survive.


No list of Sci-fi horror would be complete without including Alien, a film that came in the middle of the post Star Wars space-based film boom, but what what it did for film is just as important, not just for the female lead, but also reminding people that ‘in space no one can hear you scream’.

4. Cube

Trapped in a series of cubical rooms, some of which contain deadly traps and some of which move around like clockwork, it comes down to seven strangers to figure out how to escape and also figure out how they ended up here in the first place.


A small budget and a simple plot combine to make Cube an original and claustrophobic piece of film making.

5. Cabin in the Woods

Taking a twist on the teens in the woods type horror flick, a group of college-age students make their way up to a cabin in the middle of nowhere, only for it to be the biggest mistake of their lives, little do they know that death is their destiny.


The love of genre films is clear to see in Cabin in the Woods, cleverly twisting the cliché to produce a film that will delight horror fans with both Easter eggs and an ending that is worth keeping secret.


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