Film | Top 5 Found Footage Movies


1. Lake Mungo

This mocumentary style film follows the Palmer family as they try to come to terms with the untimely death of their sixteen year old daughter and the strange occurrences that followed.


There are very few convincing documentary style horror movies and fewer scary ones, but Lake Mungo manages to be both, twisting and turning just like a real documentary, while also leaving you feeling slightly uneasy about what you just watched, think an Australian version of Ghostwatch for the modern audience.

2. The Last Broadcast

Two local TV hosts along with a couple of helpers set off into the woods in search of the Jersey Devil, only one returns and is convicted of murder, years later a local documentary maker sets out to discover what really happened on that frightful night.


The year before The Blair Witch came out, The Last Broadcast was pioneering a new way of making movies, an entirely digital film that broke new boundaries in both the horror genre and film making as a whole, sadly it was all overshadowed a year later by the all-conquering Blair Witch.

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3. The Blair Witch Project

Miles from safety in the middle of the woods, 3 teens find that their hunt for the Blair Witch has provided more than they bargained for.


Making a huge amount of money from a tiny budget, despite not being the first of its kind The Blair Witch Project practically launching the found footage genre and convincing people still to this day that it was a true story.

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4. Paranormal Activity

Two people, a home security system and a ghostly presence, that’s all the makers of Paranormal Activity needed to produce a successful and scary movie.


This film was a breath of fresh air when it came out back in 2007, filled with truly scary moments and invited you to re-watch the film encase you missed something the first time, ignore the sequels that were pretty much garbage and enjoy the one that actually has merit.

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5. The Tunnel

A Sydney based journalist looks into the rumours of government cover up surrounding the disappearances of homeless people in the tunnels under the city, finding something more deadly in the process


A realistic backstory, strong cast and convincing acting all come together in this strong genre film, building suspense and paying off with a series of good scares


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