Film | Top 5 Zombie Movies

1. Night of the Living Dead

A Barbara and her brother stumble into the middle of a zombie outbreak in rural Pennsylvania,  barely escaping she along with a rag-tag group of survivors take refuge in an abandoned farm-house while the dead rise from their graves


Night of the living dead is the grandfather of all things zombie, which is all the more impressive given its low-budget and grainy film style, yet all of this just adds to the charm of this film.

2. Dead Snow

Driven out of a rural Norwegian town at the end of WWII, a group of Nazi SS have been awoken from their snow-covered graves, ready to wreak havoc upon an unsuspecting group of teenagers at a nearby camping lodge.


This film is one long campy splatter fest, failing to take itself to seriously in a genre where every film has to be darker than the next.

3. 28 Days Later

Awakening from a coma 28 after a zombie outbreak hits the British isles, Jim attempts to find safety and fellow survivors on the abandoned streets of London.


The birth of the fast zombies and the not-zombie zombie, this film was just the fresh injection that the genre needed in the early 2000’s.


4. The Crazies

Attempting to escape a remote Iowa farming community after its hit with the first stages of an outbreak caused by an apparent water contamination, the Dutten family attempt the make it to safety, avoiding the zombies and the US army.


Scary, funny and brutal as hell, The Crazies is the perfect shock horror for the those of you that wan a jump or two.

5. Pontypool

While early reports of mob attacks happening around the town, a small town radio host is attempting the figure out what is happening outside of his booth, all soon becomes clear when everyone around his is baying for blood.


An independent horror film out of Canada isn’t usually a recipe for success, but this film takes an interesting premise and turns it into a griping movie.



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