1. House of 1000 Corpses

Getting lost on the back roads of rural America, two young couples fall foul of a family of cannibalistic psychopathic killers.

A nostalgic look at the slasher and splatter films of the 80’s & 90’s, stretching what is acceptable to see on-screen while staying just the right side of obscene, something that Director Rob Zombie has always been famous for.

2. Saw

Two men awake in an abandoned bathroom, unable to remember anything about how they got there and all they know is that one must kill the other before 6pm otherwise his wife and children will die.

Saw started a mini-revival of the splatter/torture-porn genre in the early 00’s, spawning a series of knock-offs and sequels that grossed out audiences with bigger and more bloody sights, but nothing can quite beat the originals interesting plot and unflinching attitude to human life.

3. Evil Dead

A group of friends venture up into the woods for a weekend of drinking and partying, accidentally unleashing a group of flesh-eating demons in the process.

The 80’s gore masterpiece coming during the time of video nasties, Evil Dead informed the world that trees might not be as innocent as you assume, in fact they might be rampant rapists

4. The Hills Have Eyes

Inbred savages hunt down a family that made the misfortune of breaking down in a former nuclear weapon testing ground.

.Brutal, bloody and exciting, The Hills Have Eyes can’t help but fill you with paranoia when travelling the path less taken

5. Midnight Meat Train

A photographer stumbles upon a serial killer who makes the New York subway his hunting ground. but maybe he isn’t the true enemy in the tunnels.

A surprisingly well made splatter film with a twist that comes right out of nowhere, Midnight Meat Train packs in the blood but doesn’t make it the centre piece of the plot.


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