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The Victorian Alton Towers

A view over Hawkstone Park Golf Club

These days if you want to make money from your land you hold a music festival or you farm, back during the 18th century there was only the farming option, that is until Hawkstone Park came along and became one of the first themes parks, though nothing like the kind that you are used to.

From the top of the tower

Rising up above the beautiful Shropshire landscape, Hawkstone park covers over 100 acres and contains almost every type of terrain imaginable, from gentle rolling hills that lead to sheer cliff edges, dense woodland opening up onto large open spaces. The park would be a delight to walk around as is, but since its conception over 300 years ago, various owners have taken it upon themselves to mould and enhance the experience of strolling around the site, either by engineering the landscape to provide beautiful vistas or building a multitude of different follies in various places around the park.

The caves provide some interesting sights

Follies have sadly gone out of favour these days, but back in the 18th & 19th century’s drilling into the cliff side to form a natural looking cave structure or constructing a ruined temple for the top of a hill were all the rage, luckily for us the ones in Hawkstone are pretty much all there and now you can spend your day enjoying the same adventures that people did when America was still a colonies.

The Hermitage

For less than you would pay to park for a house in most major cities, myself along with a group of friends wandered around the park for most of the morning, exploring dark tunnels that lead to breathtaking vistas, climbing spiral staircases to the top of hill-top towers and walking through the woods, something that even a quick rain shower couldn’t ruin, especially as it well and not just because it got my step-count up for the day.

Ravens Shelf
The Cleft
The Swiss Bridge
Fox’s Knob
Arthur’s Cave
View from Ravens Shelf
Gothic Arch

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