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Tales of horror to keep you up at night


From humble beginnings back in 2011 the No Sleep Podcast started when Matt Hansen came up with the idea to take some of the stories on the No Sleep sub-reddit and adapt them with the help producer/host David Cummings and a collection of talented voice actors into a collection of anthology horror story podcasts.

Coming across the podcast on Spotify one day, with David’s booming voice setting the tone from the off, whilst a collection of intriguing and creepy stories in every episode told wonderfully by voice actors from all over the world, it was pretty safe to say that I was hooked.


Now into its 10th series, No Sleep boasts stories from published authors T.W Grim and Dathan Auerbach along with tales from countless other writers, the podcast has managed to cover pretty much every subgenre of horror, there is something in every episode to scare the sleep right out of you (Lucky of me as I listen on the drive to work in the morning), many of which will stick with you long after you have listened.

It’s difficult to pick just one tale to be my favourite with the pure amount of quality on offer, but if I had to it would be the season 8 finally My Dad Finally Told Me What Happened That Day written by Jared Roberts, an interesting and haunting tale of family secrets repeating themselves over and over again, well worth making this your starting point for giving No Sleep a go.


Tales of horror to keep you up at night

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