Photographic Adventures: April

This is a new concept so bear with me as to if it will work or not, basically it’s a rundown of the top 5 shots I have taken in previous month, some of which you may have seen featured on my Instagram, some of which are exclusive just to here.

April 1st – Chester Cathedral, Chester

If like myself you are a fan of beautiful old buildings then the former Roman city of Chester is the perfect location for cityscapes and architecture shots, especially if you make your way around the ancient walls or like myself choose to explore the magnificent 16th century cathedral that dominates the city skyline.

April 14th – The Dingle, Shrewsbury

Every town up and down the country has a park, somewhere for everyone to escape the urban build up and return to nature, Shrewsbury is no different with its large recreational park Right smack bang in the middle of the Shrewsbury’s main park is a former stone quarry tuned landscaped sunken gardens.

April 25th – Aqualate Mere – Newport

Not far from my home town is Aqualate Mere, a beautiful nature reserve that surrounds the largest natural lake in the English Midlands, a lovely place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, especially when you reach the wonderfully located bird watch.

April 27th – Country Roads, Newport

The thing about living in a rural location is that you are always no more than five minutes away from a deserted road like this.

April 29th, Acton Burnell Castle, Acton Burnell

Dotted all the way up the England/Wales border are castles and fortifications, Acton Burnell Castle is just one of the ones that makes up that chain, sadly no longer in its original glory but still an epic place to explore

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