Editing evolution

Over the last few years my editing skills just like my photography in general have come on leaps and bounds, I’m not saying I’m the finished article and I’m not doing anything particularly spectacular but I’m still rather pleased with how much better my eye for detail has become.

Here are a few of my recent re-edits of older photos along with my original attempts from a few years back, you’ll have to let me know which you all prefer.

Newport Mausoleum

First attempt although softer and prettier, you notice the edits to the skyline especially around the treeline and along the top of the building, when editing the second I decided to go for a winter edit, giving it a colder look and I feel is a lot more striking.

Ironbridge Church

Where to start with this one, my first edit is just bad, the centre of the picture is washed out and the sky looks awful, it wasn’t hard to make the picture look better, this time doing the opposite of the top picture and aiming for more of a golden hour look.


Brighton Beach


This time it was a minor tweak that I went for, toning down the pinkness of the sand, changed the colour of the sea to a more realistic colour and cleared up the pier slightly, subtle but I prefer it.



Technically two different pictures but the same location on the same day, this time I found that editing the lighting made for a much more pleasing picture.


Another subtle change, my first edit was to drained of colour, the second time I set about making the picture brighter, giving it a better holiday vibe


Much the same as the second picture, the image was to white washed and might look okay on a phone screen but larger looked bad, evening out the colours and softening it a little seems to of helped improve the look

Liverpool Docks

My final re-edit was another where I changed the lighting with the hope of introducing more drama to the image, also helped by altering the sky to something less plain.

These are by no means perfect and I may feel the need to re-revisit some of them again at a future date, but for now this is just a showcase of how far I have come in my editing ability without much in the way of expensive editing gear.

Hope you enjoy


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