Trailer Reaction | Aladdin Trailer

A diamond in the rough.


Director: Guy Richie

Staring: Mena Massoud, Niomi Scott, Will Smith

Genre: Fantasy/Action

Release Date: In cinemas 24/05/19

The other day Disney gave us the latest trailer for the upcoming live action Aladdin remake and although I’m a 90’s child and love the animated version with Robin Williams, I wasn’t overly fussed about going to see this version when it comes out, mainly because I’m no longer the target audience for it, that is until I watched this trailer and got major nostalgia flashbacks and I’m intrigued to see what they will do differently from the previous films including some new characters.

My first impressions with the trailer are that the film is going to be big, bold and very colourful, this is exactly what you expect from a Disney film set in Arabia with flying carpets and magic, not just this but I’m really looking forwards to seeing Will Smith take on the role of the Gene, something that was always going to be a tough ask given how well Robin Williams was back in 1992, but I can’t think of a better big name comic actor with tons of charisma working today and it looks as though they are going for a new take rather than just ripping off what came before.

The only thing I’m a little apprehensive about is the younger take on Jafar, which hints at the fact that he may be a potential love interest for Jasmine, changing a few motivations and but Disney haven’t been afraid to tinker with their remakes and I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt for now.

Are you looking forward to this film coming out or thinking of giving it a miss?



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