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As you may or may not have seen if you happen to follow my Instagram, not long back I took a little road trip a couple of hours south down the motorway and ended up in the beautiful city of Oxford.

While they’re exploring the city made famous for its ancient university and exquisite architecture, I not only check out some of the landmarks but also taking the time to wander off the beaten track, discovering some hidden gems in the process, plus no trip there would be complete if I didn’t pay a visit to Scriptum, one of my all-time favourite shops and the Covered Market for some lovely Ben’s Cookies

Because of this, it should come as no surprise to anyone that knows me that while exploring I ended up taking plenty of pictures and now that I’ve found the time to edit them I can now showcase some of my favourites from the City of Dreaming Spiers and surrounding countryside.

The Sheldonian Theatre
The High St.
University Church of St Mary the Virgin
The Bridge of Sighs
All Souls College
Queen’s Lane
Brasenose Lane
Radcliffe Camera
The Covered Market
University Church of St Mary the Virgin
Chequers Lane, Fingest
Bartholomew Church, Fingest

For more of my photograph adventures, why not check out my trips to Liverpool and Edinburgh.


  1. Beautiful photos. It is such a lovely place. Oxford is such pretty place I dream of visiting someday. The old phone booth photo is awesome!

  2. These are lovely pics. I have been to the UK several times but not to Oxford yet. I was supposed to go in May… but who knows now? Thanks for sharing!

  3. These are lovely pictures. I have been to the UK several times but not to Oxford. I was planning to visit the UK this May but who knows? Thanks for sharing!

  4. That old architecture is so gorgeous! I’d love to step in there and imagine all of the historic figures that were there before. So awesome!

  5. i would love to visit. your pics look amazing. for now i will just live through these as i’m sick but one day i hope!

  6. I do think of the uni when I hear Oxford. It does look like a beautiful place to visit.

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