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For mother’s day this year I made the decision to treat my wonderful mum to a day out somewhere nice, last year we went on a tour of Shrewsbury Prison and the year before that we spent the day visiting all the shops in the Ironbridge George, so as you can see we have a habit of going to places with old buildings, this year it happened to be the lovely Powis Castle near to the town of Welshpool on the Welsh/English border.

Powis Castle has sat proudly on the hillside overlooking the Welsh countryside for over 700 years, transforming in that time from home of the Earls of Powys to school for girls and now attracts thousands of visitors each year as part of the National Trust.

Starting off our visit, we decided to sit and enjoy a drink from the cafe that opens up onto the courtyard, it’s here that if you’re as lucky as us you get your first glimpse of one of the many peacocks that roam the grounds, if not you’re sure to spot one sooner or later.

From the courtyard, you can either make your way around the castle, the Clive museum or down to the gardens. Currently, inside the castle, you will find that is has been transformed to look somewhat like it looked when it was home to a Welsh school for over 100 girls evacuated during WWII.

Whilst the museum is showcasing some of the Clive families treasure that was discovered by the schoolgirl in one of the many hidden rooms. There’s a rule against taking photographs inside the building but I must tell you that it is a treat and some of the bedrooms and painted ceilings are a delight to behold.

Once outside again, we headed down to the large formal gardens that are nestled below the castle building, luckily for us there are a couple of options for getting to the lower levels, with stairs one side and a gentle path on the other side for those with mobility issues, which is good as the views from below are a joy and I can’t wait to go back again in the summer when the plants and trees have started to come into their own.


However, there are perks to going earlier in the year, with the trees and bushes less overgrown you are more likely to see more of the famous peacocks that happen live in the castle ground and once you’re finished wandering aimlessly around the various different gardens and meadows you can slowly make your way back up to the castle and remember that no trip to a National Trust property is complete without a visit to the gift shop.

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  1. That is absolutely amazing! I love castles. They have such an incredible history to them. It’s all the way down in their bones.

  2. Oh man, I love Castles!! My dream vacation is to do a castle tour in Europe and the United Kingdom.

  3. Powish Castle looks so stately. I would love to roam around the place and experience it first hand.

  4. What a lovely place. All the photos look like illustrations from some old books with legends, I would love to visit sometime soon.

  5. This place looks like such an amazing travel spot. I would love to see this castle up close and personal.

  6. I have been to many a castles while in Europe and love the rustic feeling that I get. Powis Castle looks distinctively different and much more royal. Beautiful pictures made me feel I was there.

  7. We love visiting castles and absorbing that feeling of what on inside them back in the days.

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