Retro Film Review | Minority Report

The system is perfect until it comes after you.

Director: Steven Spielberg

Starring: Tom Cruise, Colin Farrell, Samantha Morton, Max Von Sydow

Genre: Sci-Fi/Action

Release Date: July 4th 2002

In the year 2054, three highly sensitive precognitive people are able to predict when a murder, giving Detective John Anderton (Cruise) and the rest of the pre-crime unit that he leads time to reach and arrest the perpetrator before the crime has occurred and thus eradicating murder completely in Washington D.C, that is until it is Anderton faces being arrested and must escape his former team before finding out who the victim is and just what you lead him to kill.

Some of the best sci-fi films leave you questioning the future and feeling either hopeful or scared of that possible route that humanity may go down, Minority Report does just this by focusing much of the plot on a person’s free will and their pre-destination. Going to great lengths to get the audience thinking about the problem of if you prevent a crime from happening, does it really happen? and if so what should happen to the almost perpetrators, not only this but also if you find out you are going to commit a murder in the future, can you change your destiny or is your life-like a train on a track?.

Once you get past all the complicated theoretics involved with the plot, you can start to enjoy the other aspects of the film, from the CGI that still holds up over fifteen years later, the world feels just realistic enough that you can see it being a possible future for humanity and the few action sequences we are treated to are fast, fun and really enjoyable, but by far the best thing I noticed when watching is Spielberg’s excellent use of colours and shades, with the film starting off brilliant white before getting gradually darker and dirtier the more the film asks you to question the supposedly infallible way of preventing murder.

Minority Report, however, does have some minor issues, namely the lack of character development for pretty much every character apart from John Anderton and a little bit for the director of the programme Lamar Burgess (Von Sydow), whereas the rest of the characters are left to feel like plot devices to get Anderton from one location to another.

Another of the problems I found with the film is that while the action scenes are enjoyable, they tend to be a little bit few and far between, thus leads me to feel that the film shouldn’t really be classified as an action but more of a thriller with some action scenes, which I personally don’t mind but can imagine there would have been some disappointed people who were expecting The Fifth Element but instead got something closer to Gattaca.

Overall Minority Report remains a decent science fiction film that can still hold its own against its more modern predecessors, the fact that you can pick this film up for as little as £1 is a bargain and anyone that enjoys a good manhunt film or sci-fi detective movie should look about adding it to their DVD collection, just don’t expect it to be high-octane

If you liked: I Robot, Total Recall, Blade Runner

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