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Going to the cinema alone can be a daunting task and it might feel strange to start with as you have always thought of it as a group activity or at least as a couple, but it doesn’t have to be and here are ten reasons why you should try it at least once.

You can watch what you want when you want

Trying to plan a trip to the cinema with a group of people can sometimes feel like planning the D-Day landings, there’s choosing the cinema, 3D or not, what day, what time and where to sit. If you’re alone you just grab your coat and go whenever the mood takes.

No one will judge your film choices

I’m a massive fan of horror films and science fiction, some people love romance, some love world cinema and that’s okay, not needing to work around what other people like and dislike is liberating, you can indulge your niche cinema interests without worrying about what your company will think, you may even meet other people with the same interests as you at these screenings.

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There are fewer distractions

No one to ask you what’s going on, if you like the film or loudly munching away next to you, you can just sit back and enjoy the film, then afterwards you’re free to collect your thoughts on the film with no outside influences.

You can buy as many snacks as you like without looking like a pig

Sometimes the snacks are the best part of going to the cinema, I always struggle to pick between nachos or popcorn, but when you go by yourself get both, who will judge, you can even bring your own and you don’t even have to share.

You’ll never get a bad seat

Most cinemas let you pick where you want to sit, so no longer do you need to consult, just choose the place you like most and you’re all set, even the cinemas that assign seats or let you sit anywhere tend to have a few single seats in prime positions, meaning it will be the best viewing experience if nothing else.

Let the emotions flow

One of the best things about seeing a film in the cinema is being wrapped up in the emotions that it can invoke, so now you can laugh, cry, hide behind your hands all you want, it doesn’t matter and you won’t even be teased afterwards.

It’s plenty of ‘you time’

The cinema is escapism at its best, a few hours on your own where you can get away from the real world and don’t have to make conversation or put on a brave face with whatever is going on in your life, it really works wonders for your mental health.

The company is guaranteed to be great

Spending more time doing activities you enjoy on your own should be fun because you’re with the person that knows your likes and dislikes best, yourself.

It’s empowering

Pushing yourself to do things that you might be apprehensive about can never be bad,  this might only be a small step, but it can be a stepping stone towards doing other things independently, but even if this is as far as you are willing to go, it’s still great to have gotten this far.


    1. That’s great, the first time I went alone I was apprehensive, but once you’re in your seat and the film starts you soon stop worrying, after then it’s not to bad

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