Music | UPSAHL – The Other Team

Everyone is always swinging for somebody else’s ‘Other Team.’

Steadily producing a stream of catchy low-fi pop anthems since moving from her native Pheonix to LA, 20-year-old singer-songwriter Taylor UPSAHL has marked signing her first major record label with the release of ‘The Other Team’.


Even at such an early stage in her career, UPSAHL is already producing excellent songs, in this sweet and bubbly number, UPSAHL reflects on falling for someone of different sexuality. “I know he’s right for me, but I’m not right for him,” “he walked right past me towards another man” she sings “swinging for the other team, It’s such a shame, I’m not even in the game”.

UPSAHL takes us to a place full of unrequited love, something I’m sure most if not all can relate too, after all, I’m sure everyone at some point has been crushing on a person who doesn’t feel the same way back, with the video transporting us back to school, a place where teenage longing and heartbreak happened on a weekly basis.



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