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“When I’m thinking, then I’m thinking too much”

It’s been four years since Jepsen’s last album Emotion prooved that the Call Me Maybe singer wasn’t a one-hit wonder and that she is no longer just a pop-princess and is more than willing to take a few risks to produce something unique and now it’s time for her to back in up with her latest offering Dedicated.

When it comes to her latest album Dedicated Jepsen has strayed even further away from the sound that first made her a star and produced an ’80s-influenced collection of synth, shoegazing and pop anthems that prove that the Canadian singer-songwriter’s songs have finally grown up.

With Dedicated Jepsen doesn’t take anywhere near as many risks as with her previous offering Emotion, which although loved by critics, failed to sell in any great numbersbut the lack of risk-taking doesn’t mean that Dedicated is lacking in magic and taking a slightly more commercial route might actually help turn rave reviews into strong record and vinyl sales, judging from the pre-orders and tour ticket sales this is already the case.

Dedicated is available now on CD, Vinyl and to Stream

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  1. Carly Rae Jepsen is like a hidden gem in the music industry. Most would just write her off as a one hit wonder but they’re the ones who are missing out on some of the best modern pop tunes.

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