Music | Ryn Weaver – Reasons Not To Die

“The renegades who never run”

While watching the recently released Netflix original film Someone Great I was treated to something that is dying out these days, a great soundtrack with the highlight of this being Californian artist Ryn Weavers latest song Reasons Not to Die.

It’s now been 4 years since her debut album The Fool dropped, but this year to celebrate Neon Gold’s forthcoming 10th-anniversary they have provided fans of Ryn Weaver something new for the first time since 2015.

In this hauntingly beautiful piano-driven ballad, Ryn’s delicate natural vocals are filled with vulnerability and sadness, spending time apologizing to someone for having to put up with her when going through a tough time, going on to thank the one who didn’t give up on her and stuck around. “Here’s to the ones, the renegades who never run in spite of all my ranting and raging/Here’s to the ones, who hide the bullet from the gun, foot down on all my bullsh*t, but won’t cage me in.” something I’m sure everyone has experienced in their lives.

Not straying too far from the songs we heard on The Fool, the lone piano accompanies Weaver’s angelic voice as Reasons Not To Die gradually climbs towards a beautiful and satisfying crescendo, this stripped back song is an emotional masterpiece and I hope it leads to more releases from this young indie-pop singer-songwriter.



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