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Forming a collaboration between the BBC and the Arts Council of Wales, The New Horizons Project each year selects a group of Welsh musicians they believe are going places, providing them with the extra exposure needed to acquire gigs, festivals boost their profiles.


This year the following 12 singers, bands and collectives have been selected:


Formed in 2016, Codewalkers are a rock, rap and reggae collective originating from Cardiff who sings about a wide range of different issues not usually covered in mainstream music, from violence, gender, the economy or even societal expectations, provoking the listeners to think about the issues affecting the world whilst also making them dance to Codewalkers electronic hip-hop/reggae beats.

Darren Eedens & the Slim Pickin’s

Bringing his energetic country & western vibes to the UK music scene over the last few years, Darren Eedens has been blending multiple genres including folk, bluegrass and honky-tonkin’ to produce beautifully rhythmic tracks that compliment his poignant lyrics that cover the subjects of both life and death, displaying wisdom wise beyond his years.


Crossing RnB Jazz and Neo Soul with contemporary electro dance, Endaf has become one of North Wales’s most exciting young DJ’s, regularly playing gigs all over the UK and Europe.


A fixture of the Cardiff indie DJ scene, Esther mixes hip-hop, post-punk, electro, disco and minimal wave to produce a serise some of the most interesting DJ sets you’re likely to hear anywhere today, you might even be treated to some jazz fusion.

Eve Goodman

Originating from North Wales, singer-songwriter Eve Goodman crafts a series of delicate and subtle tracks that wonderfully transition between the English and Welsh languages whilst creating elegant harmonies.


Hailed as the “best new band” of 2017 by Y Selar magazine readers, Gwilym is fast becoming a fan’s favourite in festivals across Wales. Their catchy indie pop has made them one of the best Welsh language bands touring today.


HANNA2K is a young rising star in the UK electro scene. blending electronics with an R&B vibe. HANA2K has completely developed herself into a simplistic yet undeniably cool brand.

Jack Perrett

In 2018 Jack went viral with his song ‘Portlife’, a Newport parody based on Blur’s hit ‘Parklife’, since then he has gathered critical support across the UK as well as gaining plays in American and Australia. Aside ‘Me And You’ was featured on ITV1’s This Morning television programme, whilst well-known arbiter of all things cool and Welsh


Citing their influences as The Smiths and Joy Division, Kidsmoke has quickly risen to prominence since their debut EP ‘Higher’, regularly playing their blend of dreamy indie-pop to growing crowds and festivals all over the UK and recently had their song ‘Take Me to the River’ featured on the Netflix hit show Black Mirror.

Rosehip Teahouse

Started off as the solo project of Faye Rogers, Rosehip Teahouse has now expanded into a four-piece that combines DIY bedroom pop sound with the beautiful ponderings of Snail Mail and Jeffery Lewis.


A pianist and a songwriter first and foremost, SERA has for the last few years been writing, recording and performing in both English and Welsh. Her song ‘Melody’ has also been used in numerous ad campaigns, in the SKY show ‘Stella’ and in the BAFTA Cymru winning independent film ‘Dancing in Circles. ’ SERA was also a finalist in the Song for Wales (Can I Gymru) TV show in both 2009 and 2015.

Y Cledrau

Y Cledrau is a young rock four-piece from Bala that formed in 2012. By now they have travelled the country performing their catchy, energetic tunes. With influences such as Big Leaves, The Super Furry Animals and The Arctic Monkeys, their 2018 album ‘Peiriant Ateb’ made it to the Welsh Album of the Year shortlist in July 2018, and they’ve reached the shortlist of Best Band 2018 in the Welsh music magazine, Y Selar’s awards for 2019.


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