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Celebrating a year with the National Trust by revisiting the place where I joined

Chirk Castle Entrance
Chirk Castle main entrance

A year ago I had the pleasure of visiting Chirk Castle, a 700 years ago fortification first built subdue the Welsh now run by the National Trust, so this year to mark the anniversary of me joining, I chose to revisit the lovely stately home that stands proudly high up in the North Welsh countryside between the rivers of Dee and Ceiriog.

Chirk Castle Courtyard
Chirk Castle Courtyard

First built during the reign of Edward I, the castle has slowly transitioned from a place of oppression into a beautiful stately home boasting lavishly decorated staterooms filled with tapestries, art pieces and wonderfully preserved dungeons and battlements, giving you a great understanding into what it would have been like to live or work in Chirk.

Chirk Castle Wall

Surrounding the castle are over 5 acres of manicured gardens, woodlands and terraces opening up onto a stunning vista overlooking the Shropshire and Cheshire countryside, a perfect place to stroll around or find a quiet corner to whittle away a few hours.

Chirk Castle Gardens
The Gardens

Going further afield, the castle is encircled by over 400 acres of parkland, giving you perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle and experience the wide range of flora and fauna that makes this part of the world it’s home.

Chirk Castle Rear

Chirk Castle Walls

Chirk Castle Window
One of the stunning windows
Chirk Castle Corridor
The Corridoor

Chirk Armour

Chirk Fireplace
The Fireplace
Chirk Kitchens
Old Hall Fireplace

Chirk Tower

Chirk Sundial
The Sundial
Chirk Summerhouse
The Summerhouse

Chirk Castle StatueChirk Castle GardensChirk Castle ViewChirk Castle garden courtyardChirk Castle side garden

Chirk Castle castle view

Getting here


  1. I have never seen an actual castle in my whole life and I wish to experience that someday. Chirk Castle is so beautiful and I am sure that there a lot of things that had happened in this place so many years ago.

  2. I love visiting castles. We’ve been to Europe a few times, and whenever we go, we always find nearby castles to explore.

  3. Wow, this looks like such an incredible place to visit! I would love to go exploring here myself on day, after all this COVID-19 stuff finally calms down.

  4. Visiting castles are the best! I recently visiting Cleveland and to my surprise, we found Squire’s Castle! Europe has so many of them! Next time I visit, I will definitely make it a point to go see them.

  5. Now I can’t wait for spring to visit this place. Such a lovely place. History is amazing. Thanks for sharing this.

  6. Oh that is gorgeous! I’ve always wanted to visit a real castle. Perhaps one day I’ll get to visit this one.

  7. While it’s not a big castle it’s very unique that I recognize it immediately after seeing the title picture.
    Thanks for sharing about this place and would love to visit there again someday. – knycx journeying

  8. Chirk castle seems like a castle to visit. Your pictures make me feel as if I’m already there.

  9. I´m obsessed with visiting castles around the world! Haven´t made it to Chirk Castle yet – it looks beautiful! Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. I LOVE castles, this looks so amazing. I definitely want to go there someday!

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