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It’s been a long time coming, but now the time has come for one of my favourite artists Kill J to release her debut album Superposition and I for one couldn’t be happier to listen to these 15 new tracks on repeat for years to come.

Coming 3 years after she dropped her amazing EP Quasi and nearly a year since the lead single Strange Fruits of the Sea dropped to rave reviews, it is fair to say that Scandinavian musician Kill J (Real name Julie Aaagard) has taken her time to craft a uniquely perfect collection of darkly fascinating alternative-pop songs that cover a wide range of subjects from racism, sexism, immigration and even science, with the album even gaining its name from the singers love of the multiverse theory, but from the early reaction it seems all that waiting wasn’t in vain.

Kill J has never been scared to try new things when making music, already she has produced a back catalogue of intricate genre-defying tracks packed with cool vibes and hauntingly beautiful vocals, but with Superposition, Julie takes things up a notch to forge a new genre that’s uniquely hers, with each track feeling miles apart from anything else you are likely to hear this year, with every song requiring multiple listens to fully appreciate how otherworldly and special they really are.

kill j fly

It really does take a lot of talent to make an album that is so polished and cohesive with her first attempt, but given the quality of previous tracks and how great Strange Fruits of the Sea was when she dropped it earlier this year, I already knew we were in for something special, but with tracks like Entangled, Dark Energy and Shutter even her biggest fans couldn’t have known just how great Superposition was going to be.

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Superposition is available to purchase now or to steam on your service of choice.

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