Music | Ashley O – On a Roll

Miley Cyrus has a long history of playing pop star characters on TV shows, in fact, that’s how she made a name for herself, so it wasn’t such a surprise when she popped up in the latest series of Netflix’s science fiction anthology program Black Mirror, playing Ashley O a fictional pop sensation who’s brain has been replicated into a series of toy robots.

What’s slightly more surprising is Netflix has now decided to release a feature-length video for Ashley O’s (Cyrus) On A Roll, a reimagining of the Nine Inch Nails song Head Like A Hole, which was officially approved by Trent Reznor himself.

Sadly we are yet to receive a full version of the original rock cover we get at the end of the episode, but fingers crossed that might also be in the works.

Which is your favourite of Cyrus’s covers?

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