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The idea of working in the ski industry probably sounds strange to most of you when winter is still months away, but when it comes to securing your dream job working in the snowy mountains, it’s best to be prepared and start your hunt for that ideal role early.

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Working on a ski resort can be an interesting and exciting prospect, with a multitude of different roles being advertised before and during every season, in this post I will look at some of the most popular roles and give you a brief overview of what would be expected of you and the best place sites to visit if you want to secure that dream job before the competition.

Chalet Host

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This is the job everyone thinks will be the easiest, but in reality, it’s got its fair share of hard work coupled with early starts, but this doesn’t mean there isn’t fun to be had, after all a good host soon figures out how to squeeze parting hard and hitting the slopes as much as possible, when not providing excellent service for the chalet guests.



Working in one of the ski resort kitchens or as a specialist chef in a high-end chalet can be an unforgettable experience, giving you the chance to work with cooks and like-minded people from all over the world and expand your repertoire.

Ski Instructor

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This is the role to take if you want to spend some serious time on the slopes and meet new people every day, working as a ski instructor can be one of the most fun and rewarding jobs you can secure at a resort, but don’t forget that it is also one of the most knackering.



As a resort or chalet driver, you will be responsible for driving guests to and from the airport, the slopes and around the resort. Expect to be getting up early and going to bed late, digging your car out of the snow multiple times and getting lost on more than one occasion, but on the upside, you’ll also end up with a lot of free time to do as you please.

Bar Staff

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Whilst this is often the most sought-after job in ski resorts due to its casual nature, it’s not the best paid and you don’t necessarily get accommodation provided like with other roles, but due to its nature can be the perfect job for those of you that want to hop from resort to resort, partying in the process.


Not surprisingly, nannies are always in high demand in ski resorts, be it for the duration of guests stay or on a more ad hoc basis when the adults want to ski or fancy a night out, parents want to enjoy their holiday knowing that their children are in good hands, the perfect role for someone who loves working with children and doesn’t mind only getting to venture out into the snow on their days off.

What’s Next?

If one of these roles sounds great to you or you want to know more about working in or around a ski resort, I’ve always found Best Ski Jobs to have the widest range of jobs and courses available in the ski sector, while their recruitment articles always make me want to pack up my things and head into the snowy mountains.


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