Trailer Reaction | Dr Sleep

The world will shine again

Director: Mike Flanagan

Starring: Rebecca Ferguson, Ewan McGregor, Jacob Tremblay

Genre: Horror

Release Date: October 31st 2019

Certificate: TBC

Plot: Years after the events of The Shining a now-adult Dan Torrence (McGregor) meets a young girl with similar powers as his and tries to protect her from a cult known as The True Knot who prey on children with powers to remain immortal.

Doctor Sleep (2019)

With Mike Flanagan producing one of the scariest TV shows of 2018 with the Haunting of Hill House, it was only a matter of time till we saw him make the jump from TV to film, what is slightly surprising is he landed the sequel to one of the most famous and scariest horror films of all time, The Shining.

The trailer for Dr Sleep shows us that Danny is still talking to ghosts no matter where he happens to be, also hinting that he might need to travel back to the Overlook Hotel for some form of closure.

Zahn McClarnon and Emily Alyn Lind in Doctor Sleep (2019)

Stanley Kubrick was an auteur in every sense of the word, with The Shining being one of his crowning achievements, filled with double meanings and a hidden depth, it’s hard to see how it can ever be topped in terms of technical quality and downright creepiness, still to this day people are still discovering new things about the film as seen in Room 237.

I’ve been wanting to return to The Overlook since it popped up in Ready Player One, with the trailer giving us more than a couple of glimpses that we may just do that, I for one hope that all the iconic shots aren’t just Danny’s dreams and we can delve a little deeper into the hotels past.

Ewan McGregor in Doctor Sleep (2019)

So let’s face facts, whoever was chosen to turn film Stephen King’s follow up into a feature film was always going to find it difficult to follow such an accomplished predecessor, but given how great and intricate Haunting of Hill House turned out and how good this trailer looks, Flanagan might just be the person who can get closest.

When will I go see it: Opening Week

If you liked: Glass, Room 237, Secret Window

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