Photography | Annie Spratt – Greenland & The Arctic

Today I bring you the beautiful and inspiring photographic work of Annie Spratt from her time spent wandering around the rugged Greenland landscape and making her way north into the Arctic.


For more of Annies work visit her Website or Instagram


  1. These are so nice, one can spend a whole by watching these photos. Photography is an art, if you don’t have that artistic mind, you can’t capture the beauty of a small thing.

  2. wow, the photography is stunning!! I have never visited the artic, but last year on my honeymoon I traveled to alaska and got to see Glacier Bay, which is probably as close to this as i will ever get!

  3. Amazing pictures. Greenland is one of the most incredible places on earth. I did not know Annie Sprat work until this post. I am gonna follow her on Instagram

  4. Oh wow, you have some amazing shots here! I especially like the one of the polorbear peaking in, thats a once in a lifetime kind of shot, Great job!

  5. Holy moly! Greenland looks amazing! I had no idea it was so beautiful there. I love everything about it!

  6. Absolutely LOVE these photos! I’ve been wanting to visit Greenland and the Artic. I’m actually saving up and hopefully in a couple years I can organise a trip. Thanks for sharing!

    Ashlee |

  7. These pictures are great. They brought back memories from my trip to Iceland. Visiting the Arctic was one of my best experiences. It’s nature 24/7.

  8. Those are stunning photos particular with that lonely polar bear. She is so talented!

  9. wow those pics are beautiful. i can’t imagine capturing those, amazing job to the photographer.

  10. These are some awesome and stunning views, Really picturesque I can’t believe in the beauty of the nature.

  11. Your photos are stunning! Greenland is on my bucket list of places to visit once things return to normal again! Lol! Please keep posting your beautiful photographs!

  12. These are some awesome captured. After seeing all your photos I feel like I want to go there.

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