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Event Horizon (1997)
Event Horizon

Plot: A rescue crew investigates a spaceship that disappeared into a black hole and has now returned…with someone or something new on-board – Event Horizon

Director: Paul W.S. Anderson

Starring: Laurance Fishburne, Sam Neill, Kathleen Quinlan

Genre: Horror/Sci-fi

Released: August 1997

For a sci-fi horror film, Event Horizon is definitely not typical. After all, it’s not aliens or even space that the crew are battling to survive against. this time it’s Hell, or at least another dimension of unknown evil that’s bleeding into our reality where human scientific laws do not have to apply.

The first thing you notice about the film is just how good it looks, the set design is superb while the SFX is surprisingly solid for a film that came out in the late ’90s, it’s clear that Anderson took inspiration from iconic horror films, with shades of Alien, Hellraiser, The Shining and even The Amityville Horror all to be found as the movie slowly progress.

This film is a slow burn, but done in a way that you know that the building is going to lead to an excellent payoff, made all the better by an excellent cast. Fishburne is incredible as the gruff and business first Captain Miller, while Neill plays Dr William Weir perfectly as memories of his dead wife start to plague him and his grip on reality loosens.

Event Horizon’s only real fault is that it was originally cut short by the studio and had to be pieced back together by Anderson in the Director’s Cut, sadly this shortened the film and stopped some wonderful story arks from fully developing and thus limiting what we might well have been treated to and experiencing just what the Event Horizon went through during the missing 9 years.

Event Horizon
Event Horizon

Nevertheless, I find Event Horizon to be a  truly underrated horror masterpiece that given the right handling by the studio could have started off a franchise of its own, but for now, we will have to make do with video games such as Doom and Dead Space that have gone down the route of mixing space and religion, or Ghost Ship if you want to watch the same film but on a boat.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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