Trailer Reaction | Black Christmas

Slay, Girls

Imogen Poots, Brittany O'Grady, Lily Donoghue, and Aleyse Shannon in Black Christmas (2019)

Director: Sophia Takal

Starring: Imogen Poots, Cary Elwes, Aleyse Shannon

Genre: Horror

Release Date: December 13th 2019

Plot: A group of students are stalked by a stranger during their Christmas break. A remake of the 1974 horror film ‘Black Christmas.’

Starting with Paranormal Activity, Insidious and Sinister, I’m normally a fan of the films that Blumhouse Productions, even when they move away from horror and make interesting dramas like BlacKkKlansman, but after watching the trailer for the upcoming 3rd reincarnation of Black Christmas I can safely say I’m probably going to give this film a miss.

Not since Terminator Genisys give so much of the plot away while doing such a bad job of getting me interested in going to see the film, which from the looks of things can be described as ‘a bunch of college girls fight back against an evil collage fraternity lead by their professor, with possible ties with the collage gargoyles’, with the girl empowerment vibes handled in the same clumsy way Marvel has done with Captain Marvel and Avengers: End Game.

Reaction: Probably best to stick to the 1974 original



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