Film | Venom – Review

Tom Hardy in Venom (2018)

Plot: A failed reporter is bonded to an alien entity, one of many symbiotes who have invaded Earth. But the being takes a liking to Earth and decides to protect it – Venom.

Director – Ruben Fleischer

Starring: Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed

Genre: Action/Sci-Fi/Thriller

Released: October 2018

When Deadpool proved you can still make R-rated superhero movies that make money, Sony finally had the guts to give Venom the film his fans have been crying out for and although this film is nowhere near graphic as either Deadpool film, this version is still a massive improvement on one seen in Spiderman 3, helped massively by a strong cast and believable story (in term of superhero movies). Going into this film, I had relatively low expectations given Sony’s recent record. But surprisingly, Venom easily won me over.


To me, the key to Venom’s success was Tom Hardy, who managed to keep his portrayal of Eddie Brock grounded in this CGI heavy action film. He remained likeable throughout and easily made you feel for his character.

After all, caring about the protagonist is the first step in making any successful film, especially when introducing a new character to the big screen, something the makers of Captain Marvel clearly bother with.

Another stroke of genius in the casting department was the choice of Riz Ahmed to play protagonist Carlton Drake. If there is one weakness, you can level at the recent Marvel films is the pretty two-dimensional villains, but in this case, Ahmed’s talent helped turn Drake into something more believable and threatening.


I’m not going to say that this film had a unique plot going, but what Venom did, it did well and introduced enough new elements to justify the film’s existence, while leaving questions about Brock’s relationship with Anne Weying (Williams) or more of the venom lore to potential sequels,

Venom has a clever script, a good story, along with a strong cast and tense action sequences. This all combined to make an enjoyable anti-hero film, however, in the sequel I would also like to see the graphic violence turned up further to the level of Spawn or The Thing level and really double down on the R-rating.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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