Music | SHAED


Artist – SHAED

Track – Trampoline

Album – Melt

Genre – Pop | Electro | Electro-pop


Things melt away, but they can also melt together. Washington D.C.-based electro-pop trio SHAED chose to call their second EP Melt because of this duality—and because it’s the story of their band.

Way before Melt, before finding a house to live and record in, before tours with Bishop Briggs and Marian Hill, and before their critically acclaimed debut EP Just Wanna See, members (and twin brothers) Spencer and Max Ernst started writing songs with Chelsea Lee, a friend from high school. Combining the brothers’ producing prowess with Chelsea’s expansive vocal range yielded powerful results. In 2016 they formed SHAED, the name a reference to a fictional cloak woven out of shadow.

Their music moves between dark and light, too. On one hand, SHAED trades in infectious, deeply danceable electro-pop, cut with glittering synths and the spirit of ‘80s R&B. But Chelsea’s voice—which can swing between ecstatic, Madonna-like highs and growling lows—lends their songs surprising emotional depth. And unexpected instrumental touches—a ghostly whistle in “Trampoline,” orchestral strings at the end of “Melt” (the EP’s glorious title track)—further distinguish their sound from their pop counterparts.


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