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The Academy of the Sun
The Academy of the Sun

Artist – The Academy of the Sun

Album – The Quiet Earth

Song – The Parts That Need Replacing

Genre – Post Punk | Rock 

The Academy of the Sun
The Academy of the Sun

Formed in Brighton nine years ago, The Academy of Sun is a four-piece comprised of Nick Hudson (piano, synths, Hammon organ, harmonium, vocals, percussion, synths), Kianna Blue (bass, synths), Guy Brice (guitars) and Ash Babb (drums).

Together, they present dystopian fantastic creations that combine the deeply personal and the poetically arcane. Dark yet buoyant, this is a controlled explosion of psychedelic and dark power pop with atmospheres couched in vast and expansive landscapes and cinematic arrangements.

The Parts That Need Replacing’ was written to sate my desire to ‘reconsecrate’ 16th Century Hungarian countess and noblewoman Elisabeth Bathory, whose reputed cannibalism and serial murders were most likely reputation-staining fantasies dreamed up by the church out of institutional jealousy.

How could a woman possess such vast wealth and estates AND resist conformity with the church’s ways of being? Same tarring-brush as used on Jeanne D’Arc and Gilles de Rais. Usually, Bathory is immortalised in doom and black metal, so I wanted this reconsecration to take place by feeding these myths, scenarios and allegations of bloodbaths, black magic and eternal life into the medium of a hyper-catchy, high-energy pop song,” says Nick Hudson.

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