Music | Half Moon Run


Track – Full Circle

Album – Dark Eyes

Artist – Half Moon Run

Genre – Rock | Pop Rock | Alt Rock


It is rare to find a band with such an extraordinary sense of communion as Half Moon Run. To listen to their music, to see them play, is not so much to hear their songs as to feel one is eavesdropping on a musical conversation; it is a convocation, a ceremony of sorts, it is to be struck by the feeling that you are watching something draw flame and catch fire.  They create music that is emboldened by paradoxes; it feels familiar and new at the same time; a fresh take on rock music emanating from just guitars, drums, and four voices merged as one. Perhaps they provide the soundtrack for long night drives, snow cutting across the glow of the headlights. Maybe they’re the sound of a breakups, breakdowns, and putting life back together piece by piece. They’re introspective but outwardly positive. Energized and powered by life and the urge to carry on.

Their journey begins in Montreal, Canada where Devon Portielje, Conner Molander and Dylan Phillips first connected and cultivated a shared dream of what music should be.  In the long hours in their Mile-End district practice space, they sculpted the sound that would become their tempestuous and rapturous debut album ‘Dark Eyes’. They’re musically deft multi-instrumentalists, not constrained to one instrument alone. Together, they sing, all voices united, reflecting a singular vision, and sound.


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