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College 1927

Full Film | College (1927)

An evening’s course at “College” and you’ll graduate with a perpetual SMILE.

Get Your Man

Full Film | Get Your Man

She Snaps Her Fingers at Conventions-Puts on Her Fighting Togs and Fights Cob-webbed Traditions! Does She Get Her Man? Oh, Boy!-And How! – Get Your Man (1927)

Full Film | The Iron Horse

To Miss This Film Threat is to Hit Yourself a Blow in Self Denial That You Don’t Deserve – The Iron Horse.

Film | Battleship Potemkin (Battleship Potyomkin)

Revolution is the only lawful, equal, effectual war. It was in Russia that this war was declared and begun – Battleship Potemkin

Full Film | The Golem

Acting that stamps it a masterpiece. Settings that bewilder and amaze. Dealing with the mysterious and miraculous- The Golem

Full Film | Nosferatu

A thrilling mystery masterpiece – a chilling psycho-drama of blood-lust -Nosferatu

Full Film | Spellbound

Strange . . . Strange . . . Their Irresistible Love! Dark . . . Dark . . . Their Inescapable Fears! – Spellbound

Full Film | The Lost World (1925)

See the mighty prehistoric monsters clash with modern lovers in a most remarkable story of love, romance and amazing adventure. – The Lost World

Full Film – The Ghost of Slumber Mountain – Full Movie

These giant monsters of the past are seen to breathe. To live again. To move and battle as they did at dawn of life – Ghost of Slumber Mountain

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