Film | Black Rain – Quick Review

black rain review

Plot- Two NYC cops arrest a Yakuza member and must escort him when he’s extradited to Japan -Black Rain.

Director – Ridley Scott

Starring – Michael Douglas, Andy Garcia, Ken Takakura

Genre – Action | Crime | Thriller

Released – 1989

Black Rain happens to be a half-decent crime thriller that centres around a New York cop, Osaka, Japan. Michael Douglas is believable as the rogue detective that plays by his own rules and doesn’t always follow the law. Andy Garcia does a good job of being his sidekick thought doesn’t add a great deal to the story.

The plot and execution ends up being pretty by the numbers but still manages to provide entertainment and a couple of surprises. When it comes to the Japanese actors, they do their best with what they’re given, but due to the film’s lack of character development all around, they become little more than set dressing in places.

Overall: This film is formulaic, but remains worth watching if you don’t want to engage your brain.

Rating: 3 out of 5.


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