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Aftermath (2017)
Aftermath (2017)

Plot – Two strangers’ lives become inextricably bound together after a devastating plane crash- Aftermath.

Director – Elliott Lester

Starring – Arnold Schwarzenegger, Scoot McNairy

Genre – Drama | Thriller

Released – 2017

With Aftermath coming not long after Maggie, (a film that took a different look at the effects of a zombie apocalypse). Both of which were much slower paced and emotionally darker than the majority of his previous work, it seems that as he gets older, Schwarzenegger is trying his hand at something different from the usual action flicks we’re so used to seeing him in.

Aftermath (2017)

Aftermath is especially focussed on some rather dark and depressing subject. The biggest surprise being the success in which Arnie could capture the level of grief and resentment required of the role, a level that I previously through him incapable of capturing.

It’s his layered performance that kept me watching, even when the plot slowed down to a crawl and the movie’s small budget showed. Scoot McNairy also does well in his complex role as the air traffic controller who was in charge during the crash. Sadly, the extremely slow pace and lack of money hinder this production, stopping the explosive finale from successfully hitting home.

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