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Tequila Sunrise 1988 Poster
Tequila Sunrise (1988)

Plot – A former L.A. drug dealer tries to go straight, but his past and his underworld connections bring him into the focus of the DEA, the Mexican feds and the Mexican drug cartels – Tequila Sunrise.

Director – Robert Towne

Starring – Mel Gibson, Michelle Pfeiffer, Kurt Russell, Raul Julia

Genre – Crime, Thriller, Romance

Released – 1988

There are elements of Tequila Sunrise that really don’t really make any sense, with the filmmakers clearly unsure how to fit all of their great ideas and visuals into a cohesive story. But rather than making the film a bad one, it ends up making it more enjoyable, mostly comprising the 3 primary stars engaged in snappy dialogue, a love triangle and twisted loyalties.

But what’s most enjoyable about the plot is how almost every character has a hidden agenda and secret allegiances, with performances from Gibson, Pfeiffer and Russell that were more than up to the task of turning the convoluted and confusing plotlines into a charming and entertaining movie, topped off by the simply brilliant Raul Julia, however, the films strong point is its visuals. The cinematography and colour pallet is rather impressive. Tequila Sunrise makes you feel like you’re watching the love child of a ’50s Noir and Miami Vice.

In the end, Tequila Sunrise is a charming and beautifully shot mess of a film, where it’s best to just enjoy the acting and cinematography, while not thinking too long about any of the plot points or it will start to unravel.

Rating: 3 out of 5.


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