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Don't Look Back book review
Don’t Look Back by Ben Cheetham

Title – Don’t Look Back

Author – Ben Cheetham

Genre – Thriller | Mystery | Horror

Published – December 3rd 2018

Links – Amazon | Goodreads

Rating: 3 out of 5.

After the tragic death of their eleven-year-old son, Adam and Ella jump at an opportunity to leave London for a breathtaking Cornish Lizard Peninsula, hoping that the mansion they have won will give them the chance to leave their ghosts behind and create a better life for their son Henry. There’s just one catch – The house might be haunted.

I’ve sat through many horror film’s with a plot that similar to that of Don’t Look Back, a family moves to a big house in the country only to experience strange phenomenons that make them regret their decision. That said, a book can do things that a horror film can’t and go places that you wouldn’t expect, so I was willing to give this a try. Cheetham does his best to play with your expectations and weave an interesting story surrounding the house, its history and the locals that might not be all they appear.

“This’ll make me sound like an old hippy, but whatever decision you make do it with love. Love is the most powerful defence you have, be it against psychological or supernatural attack.”

― Ben Cheetham, Don’t Look Back

To be fair, I would have given this book a higher rating if it wasn’t for cliched ending. For three quarters of the book, the plot was suspenseful, scary, all the things a supernatural mystery should be, only for the ending to let you down in the most predictable ways imaginable. Instead of answering my questions and tying up all the plot threads, I ended up more confused than before and thinking of various ways in which the finale wouldn’t have worked, which left me annoyed more than anything. 

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